Writer's block is a real pain. It sneaks up on you just as you think your inspiration well is flourishing- when suddenly... it's dry. You scramble and rummage your mind for ideas, scraps of leftover inspiration, latching onto anything you can to keep this train chugging. Soon enough though you realize, it's too late, you're blocked. 

I HATE when this happens! 

So what do I do when it happens? Well, I used to give up. Throw my hands up and cast my writing to vultures outside my imaginary window. Thing is though, I'd come back later and regret not fighting. There is still hope even when the well is dry- you just have to dig deeper. Here are some tips on battling writer's block. 
1. The musical approach. I've heard many-a-times that music is a very key component to inspiration. Whether it's inspiration to exercise, inspiration to dance, inspiration to try something new- it's pretty, well, inspiring. So when I get a bad case of the writing Mondays, I try listening to a song. This part is pretty important though. It's probably not the best idea to just flip to the nearest radio station and start listening. Part of writer's block is that your brain is really messing with you, so you need to get a handle on it. How? THINK. Think about what your favorite song is, or maybe a song that goes with the story you're TRYING to write, but pick a song and listen. Listen to the lyrics. Listen to the rhythm. Get into it. Eventually you may hear a lyric that sparks your inspiration and you're set! If not... don't worry, there are other remedies. 
2. The reading approach. This isn't the most popular methods, but it's definitely worked for me a few times before. There's are two forms of this step though. Either you read someone else's work or you re-read your own work. For me, I like to go back over what I've written up to this point and think of what I was thinking about as I was writing it. Try to find that adrenaline pumping, heart racing feeling of excitement that usually goes with writing. Other times I resort to reading other people's stories- usually of the same genre or similar plots. I don't STEAL ideas: DON'T STEAL. But in some cases, if it's similar enough, it may not bring back past ideas, but it could kick you back on track with a new idea. Reading leads to writing, it's elementary my dear, Watson. 
3. The distraction approach. Sometimes, when I'm writing, I just get so distracted with things around me or on the internet. It's usually a bad thing, but in some cases when it's on purpose it can be very useful. When I get stuck in a story, instead of wracking my brain for hours on end trying to think of something more, I simply close my laptop, walk away, and do something else. Whether it be watching TV, painting a picture, or just sitting around daydreaming- I distract my weak little mind. Then, maybe hours or days later, I return to my writing anew and sometimes, it's incredible, but I have new-found inspiration bubble up inside of me. And still other times, I'm just as blank and stumped, so I distract myself some more. 
4. The restart approach. Okay not this method is rather extreme and only to be used in dire circumstances of severe writer's block. Sometimes it get so bad, so absolutely terrible, that there is no way in heaven or on Earth, that you'll be able to redeem this story. It may be in the beginning or at the end, but there's just no saving this one. So when it gets really tough, I recommend starting over. (Gasp! Did she really just say that?) Yes, I did. I'm not saying delete the story and erase it from your hard-drive, but what I am saying is try again. Open a new word document, re-title it maybe, and start again. Same basic idea, but a new approach to it. It may be similar, it may be completely different, who knows! But it'll be new and so will your inspiration. Then sometimes in those awesome moments, you may gain inspiration from your new story to fix up your old story and you can combine the two. It's really just magical.

So there you go. 4 tips on trying to beat the dreaded writer's block head on. I can't make any promises that these are full-proof, but they usually work for me. Hope this helps and be sure to leave any other suggestions below in the comments, I'd love to learn some new remedies myself! Ciao for now! 
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